Bed Bug Prep Sheet

Merlin’s Pest Control Bed Bug Prep List

No matter what your personal plague is:
 We have the knowledge, we have the technology, we have the desire, to help you.

The following steps have the be taken before treatment begins. This is not an option. If
these preparations are not completed, our crew will have to reschedule the treatment
and you may be subject to a reschedule fee!

General Prep:
No one may be home or on site during the treatment and at least four hours after the
treatment. This goes for pets as well, for their safety please keep them out of the house for
four hours. Cover aquariums and air pumps with a blanket.
Do not sleep on mattresses without sheets after treatment for AT LEAST 90 days. Launder
your sheets and pillows every week until the pests have been taken care of.
Do not pile belongings into a mountain. We need PLENTY of room to maneuver furniture
Make sure all baseboards are accessible because they will all be treated.
Let us know if you plan to use any pesticides after our treatment. We do not want your
pesticide to interfere with ours. Please ask for suggestions as we have many alternatives that
won’t interfere.
Vacuum all areas thoroughly after treatment.
If you have fans, we recommend turning them on. In the summer keep the air conditioning on,
and in the winter keep the heat on. This will help keep air moving indoors and help dry and
activate our material.
Strip mattresses of sheets and remove mattress covers, and stand them up. Do the same with
the box springs.
Do not remove drawers from chests-of-drawers.
If under your bed was dirty and cluttered, clean and remove any clutter from around the bed
frame. We will be treating the frame, an d anything left will be sprayed (and then must be
discarded or washed).
Place toothbrushes, soap bars, brushes, curling irons, toilet paper, and other items in the sink
and cover them with a towel.
Cover all exposed food up with a blanket.
Living Rooms:
Remove cushions from couches, recliners, and love seats. Make sure there is enough room
around them to be flipped over and flipped back.
All prep work can be done by Merlin’ s at a price of $100/hr plus materials.
We cannot stress enough that this is not an option and must be done before treatment. We
will not treat a half prepped house because we won’t be able to get rid of the bedbugs.
Merlin’s Pest Control
310 Commercial Drive, Unit L,
Fairfield, OH 45014
Dept of Agriculture #93484

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