When people talk about cockroaches, they are probably referring to german cockroaches. These are the kitchen roaches, the light brown ones that scatter when you turn the light on in your kitchen at night. They can survive on almost anything, we’ve witnessed them living in an abandoned house eating hand soap to survive.

Spraying them is almost impossible to kill them off. You may kill a few that are running around, but for every roach you see running around, there are 10 living in the walls. You have to bait them out of the walls to truly control them.

Having a clean house is hugely important. We tell all our customers, “If you don’t clean your house, you will NEVER get rid of the roaches.” This is because if they had the choice to eat our bait or eat greasy goop under your microwave, they would prefer the goop. You have to force them to get hungry and eat our bait. Be meticulous about cleaning, leave no stone unturned. Move the fridge, open the oven, scrub the microwave, bleach the counter, and clean until the house is spotless. We have seen them living inside of coffee makers because the customer forgot to clean it out.

  • One bedroom dwelling @ $150.00 Initial treatment, $55.00 follow-up
  • Two bedroom dwelling @ $175.00 Initial treatment, $65.00 follow-up
  • Three bedroom dwelling @ $200.00 Initial treatment, $75.00 follow-up
  • Four bedroom dwelling @ $225.00 Initial treatment, $85 follow-up
Prices may vary on larger homes. Quotes are based on average-sized dwellings. There is a surcharge for long distance services. Tax not included in quotes.

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