The #1 reason that structures burn down is humans. The #2 reason is rodents. They have teeth that never stop growing, and they have to chew on things to keep them short. Wires are tough and stringy, and mice are impulsively drawn to them. They can and will burn your house down if you don’t get rid of them in a timely manner. If you have lights flickering for no reason when they weren’t flickering before, you might have mouse damage.

Keep dog food and cat food up, they love their food and will risk their lives just to get a belly full of cat food. If you find them digging in cereal boxes or rice, put them in Tupperware or plastic containers. Keep your house clean, don’t leave food out, don’t leave dirty dishes out. Mice are just as attracted to nesting materials as they are food. A cotton ball or a tuft of house insulation will attract them just as much as a candy bar.

Mice can also be carriers of fleas, so watch of for secondary infestations!

  • One bedroom dwelling @ $100.00 Initial treatment, $70.00 follow-up
  • Two bedroom dwelling @ $125.00 Initial treatment, $80.00 follow-up
  • Three bedroom dwelling @ $150.00 Initial treatment, $90.00 follow-up
Prices may vary on larger homes. Quotes are based on average-sized dwellings. There is a surcharge for long distance services. Tax not included in quotes.

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