The reason rats are so hard to get rid of is because they are smart. Really, really smart. Even through they are much smaller, some rats are just as capable as dogs at learning and understand concepts. They have great memories and can remember navigation routes through neighborhoods for their entire life.

If they eat poison and get sick, they will become bait shy and won’t fall for the same tricks twice. Mother rats have been known to teach their babies how to escape glue traps.

Rats are also highly agile, capable of climbing up rough brick walls vertically.

No stone needs to be left unturned when it comes to rats. We trap, bait with multiple methods, setup bait boxes, and recommend excluding rat holes to keep them out. Like before, they will smarten up to simple methods, and putting all the rat bait out in the world won’t get rid of a smart rat.

  • Please call for quote, rats can be hard to price due to their large area range of activity.
Prices may vary on larger homes. Quotes are based on average-sized dwellings. There is a surcharge for long distance services. Tax not included in quotes.
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